Starting a clothing business might sound challenging, especially if you still haven’t found a trusted supplier. Since we all want to wisely invest in our business, it’s essential to choose quality and unique wholesale kids boutique clothing with competitive prices/ of the best quality. Since the kids clothing industry became very popular in the last few years, wholesale clothing for kids offers you guaranteed and momentous business success.

Aside from these facts, behind every successful business stands a successful supplier. It means that a supplier is the one who should ensure you in the quality of goods. Besides, he should have a safe stock that will provide ongoing procurements. Port 213 is a store whose mission is to create and curate a line of premium streetwear for kids.  Our clothing brand offers you urban kids clothing made of natural fabrics that have been emblazoned with positive messages to inspire the kids all around the world.

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When we talk about finding wholesale children's clothing online, it’s important to search for clothes that will be made of breathable and natural blends. Since kids have sensitive skin, they need an extra good quality of clothes that will support their activities and allow skin breathing. Most of our goods went through an additional washing process to make sure of the quality. By performing this process, we also prevent shrinking which can be one of the precautions when buying clothes for your youngest ones. In our vast collection of wholesale trendy kids clothing, you’ll find graphic-printed and tie-dye t-shirts for boys and girls, hoodies, accessories, and other items to complete the kids’ outfits.

Our tween boutique clothing wholesale is available 365 days a year through Faire platform and the minimum ordering is not limited. We send shipments to all USA countries, as well as to Canada, and the time of delivery will be 4-7 days. If you’re settled in any other place in the world, we do ship worldwide, and if you have any question or want to place an order, you can contact us directly by e-mail:

We look forward to every new collaboration and hope for mutual success!