Top 6 summer activities your kids will adore

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when someone says the word ‘summer’? If we would ask our kids, they can never get enough of eating ice cream and doing all those lively activities that will make adults exhausted after the first round of play. Since summer holidays write memorable moments in their childhoods, we all need to come up with ideas on how to make those times special.

If you’re running low with the activities on how to make your kids entertained this summer, then it’s the ultimate time to update your schedule and find some free time to spend family time. You’d better hurry up because the summer won’t last forever! These affordable and safe activities will surely make your whole family enjoy it!


Camping under the stars and marshmallow roasting definitely sounds like a great idea to spend a hot summer night outdoor. Therefore, leave the screens behind, and allow your kids to discover the sounds and scents of nature. Search for the nearest campground, pack all the essentials and you’ll surely have time to remember. To make your kids pleasant and comfy overnight, don’t forget to pack one of our kids' zip-up hoodies  and jogger pants.

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2.Backyard gardening

We have to admit that having kids just puts the whole world into another perspective. And, when it comes to moms and their time spent with their little ones, they’ll do everything to write up unforgettable moments in their childhoods. Moms and their little ones will surely like spending a hot summer day in the fresh air and introducing them with the importance of planting plants. Backyard gardening can represent a great way to teach your kiddos where the food comes from. Toddlers and preschoolers will surely like to help you plant cherry tomatoes and other plants that you can later use in your kitchen. Besides, girls will adore planting flowers and taking care of them.


3.Family bike ride

Cycling is another fun summer activity that will add memorable moments to everyone’s childhood. Take a day off to go on a bike trip and explore the places in your vicinity that you’d like to visit. With so many options to carry a bike, parents don’t even need to wait for their kids to learn cycling. Child carriers are suitable for toddlers and preschoolers, so you’ll surely have an opportunity to chat and explore sights together.

To make your kids comfy while cycling, we suggest you dress your kids in one of our kids jogger pants for boys that are easy to match with our graphic-printed and tie-dye t-shirts for boys and girls.

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4.Get artsy with your kids

Choose one of the awesome artsy activities and get out those craft kits you have been saving. Decorate your walkways with chalk, collect unique rocks, create summer mural, and play with clay. All those summer activities promise a lot of fun for all family members.

5. Organize a treasure hunt

Since every child likes getting presents, we can’t escape mentioning a treasure hunt. This game can be played in many ways, especially if there is a mess in the house that should be sorted out. Therefore, hide the treasure (it can be the toy your child wants so desperately) and create the tasks that should be done to get a reward. On the other hand, this game can also be played outdoor at one of the locations you choose for a picnic.


How can we imagine the summer without swimming? This favorite sport of most kids is ideal for hot summer days when we all want to cool off and chill on the beach. Even if you’re not able to travel this summer season, you can surely find a lake, a river, or even a pool in your vicinity. If your country offers you endless beaches by the sea or ocean, you can organize a family trip to spend a day swimming and playing Frisbee on the beach.