Top 10 Tie-Dye and Graphic Printed T-shirts for Boys and Girls

Choosing the right t-shirts for kids might sound challenging because they build their taste and style from an early age. It often happens that we can’t have a great impact on our kiddos’ taste when it comes to picking clothes. Even when we tell them they look awesome and cool while wearing something we’ve chosen, they would always try to have their own opinion. And, it’s totally ok. It’s part of their growing process. That’s why our team at Port 213 decided to design kids' clothes that will suit their urban and witty spirit.

Every kid and tween needs tees that will make them look great even when having only two minutes to get ready. Our graphic printed t-shirts and Boys tie-dye t-shirts are beautifully designed by great artists that took into account every aspect of the kids’ personalities. Whether it’s a sporty and urban style for boys or cool and feminine pattern for girls, we’ve got you covered!

We all know that buying kids t-shirts made of natural fabrics is of high importance because they need to sustain their activities. On the other hand, choosing the right cut also plays an important role since kids and tweens who adore wearing streetwear and skate clothing won’t feel pleasant in slim cuts.

Whether you are searching for tie-dye t-shirts for boys or graphic printed t-shirts for girls, you surely want a functional piece of clothing that will keep its shape and color after many washes. Port 213 tie-dye and graphic printed t-shirts for kids have crossed through additional washes to test the quality and make the fabric soft and pleasant in touch. Since the summer season is fast approaching, it’s time to refresh your kids’ wardrobe with new and cool tees. Made with comfort and California streetwear style in mind, these top 10 picks will provide your kiddos with great outfits for any kind of occasion.

Top 5 Picks of Graphic Printed T-shirts for Boys and Girls

Visionary T-shirt

Made of 100% pure cotton, this black graphic printed t-shirt for boys represents a perfect choice for any kind of occasion. Whether he’s going to school or someone’s birthday, he will have a quality and easy-to-match piece of clothing.

Vintage Charcoal Grey Love T-shirt

The vintage design never goes out of style. Whether it’s a tee or some other piece of clothing, wearing the vintage item always provides a dose of uniqueness. This graphic t-shirt for boys sends a positive message to everyone and the creative idea is found in California's urban skate culture.

Purple love t-shirt

For all those girls who pay attention to details, our team decided to create a tee that looks ‘fresh, urban and clean’. It is emblazoned with floral details to bring a dose of the feminine side, while the printed message is full of positive energy. Made in pale purple color, this graphic printed tee for girls represents a cozy pick both when going to school and chilling with friends.

Ivory Venice T-shirt

This tee is made for kids and tweens who adore the surf style of clothing. Since it has a relaxed cut, it’s meant for girls who prefer wearing comfy clothes. It resembles a tunic and can be matched with skirts, shorts, joggings, and other pieces of clothing. This t-shirt will surely bring the coastal California spirit to your kiddo’s outfit.

Smile Flower t-shirt

There is nothing more beautiful than seeing a kid’s smiling. Those are priceless moments that really brighten up our days. So, that’s why we decided to create a t-shirt inspired by the pure and innocent kid’s smile. It sends positive energy to everyone and your little girl would adore matching it with different outfits.



Top 5 tie-dye t-shirts for boys and girls

Tie-dye Dream T-shirt

Tie-dye t-shirts represent spotted and urban pieces of your kid’s clothing. They stand out from the crowd because our team of designers used a unique blend of colors. Our tees are inspired by women’s and men’s streetwear trend because we share the opinion that youth deserve to have equally cool clothes as adult ones.

Blue&Pink tie-dye t-shirt

This tie-dye t-shirt for boys definitely makes a great choice if your kiddo likes to wear fun and creative clothes. It is made of pure cotton and has text printed in black at the front. Our inspiration for designing this tee was found in California coastal spirit and positive summer vibes.

Blue tie-dye awesome t-shirt

Made in light blue and white colors, this tie-dye tee for boys has been inspired by California’s coast and surf spirit. It’s made of 100% cotton and has a graphic & logo printed in black at chest and sleeve.

Happy thoughts tie-dye cropped t-shirt

Cropped tees are back in fashion! That’s why we thought your girl would like to have a tie-dye t-shirt that is decorated with a message that sends positive vibes. It can be matched with high-waist shorts, skirts, and jeans and it’s made of pure cotton.

Tie-dye cool to be kind t-shirt

Perfect for hot summer days, this tie-dye tee for girls comes with a lovely printed note and floral decoration. It also features a mix of three pastel colors that will make your girl spotted and unique.