Spring/Summer 2021 Fashion Trends in Kids Clothing

The winter season has come to an end, making way for the spring and summer, plus all the new and returning fashion trends that come with the warmer months. There are several fashion trends in kids clothing that have made quite a splash in the last few years, and the following are some that are destined to be hits with girls and boys in 2021.

The Urban Look

Girls and boys these days love fashionable streetwear, and the urban look fully embraces the hip hop style that features oversized shirts, bold prints, and colorful shoes, caps, and even zip up hoodies for kids for the ultimate form of expression. In 2021, the skater culture has returned in a big way, with several new releases presenting the influence in a modern way that recreates 90s fashion for a new generation. Without question, kids urban clothing has evolved to elevate this style aesthetic.

 The Tie-Dye Trend

kids tie dye trend

Tie dye may have made its first big splash in the 60s, but the trend is now in the midst of a renaissance among boys and girls that not only love the colorful combinations but also its symbolism of peace, love, and unity. It has always been considered as an unofficial dress code for counterculture, and currently, the style can be found in an assortment of apparel, including boys tie-dye t-shirts and sweatshirts, as well as in girls tie-dye sweatshirts and tie-dye hoodies. The best part is that the trend can be combined with jeans and khakis for a cool look that’s perfect for spring and summer weather.

Graphic Tees


kids tie dye graphic tees

When it comes to trendy kids clothing, graphic tees are always at the front of the list since there are a myriad of ways for children to express their own personal style from phrases to caricatures and more. The graphic tees for boys allow them to show off their favorite characters and pop culture references from video games to their favorite sports teams. And the graphic tees for girls are just as diverse, giving them the opportunity to display their own unique personality in an engaging way.

Jogger Pants

kids jogger pants

Probably one of the biggest fashion trends in the last few years have been the addition of jogger pants in both children’s and adult apparel. The versatility of these trousers that feature an elastic waist and cinched elastic around the ankles means that parents can get more for their money before their kids grow out of them. Also, boys jogger pants and girls jogger pants can be work for both daywear and even more formal events as they can be paired with long-sleeved shirts and blazers depending on the occasion.

Hoodies for Kids

kids hoodies

Zip up hoodies are always popular with kids and there are so many versions to choose from, including vintage looks with iconic logos and characters, embroidered patchwork hoodies, plaid options, and so much more. Plus, hoodies are made for layering and boys and girls can choose from an assortment of colors and fabrics that can be worn throughout the spring and summer seasons.