Port 213 Presents Styles for Mommy & Me

It’s almost impossible not to notice these days – parents matching clothes with their children has become one of the biggest trends recently and there are a number of styles that appeal to adults and their children. Of course, it is an interesting dynamic to see mommy and me matching clothes shared between two generations, but as it is a style that is here to stay, Port 213 has a released a new collection that are perfect gifts for daughters from mothers or from sons as well. 

Port 213 has its own distinctive style that celebrates the personality and sense of adventure that lives in all of us, and our exciting line of mommy and me outfits offer a broad range for mothers to bond with their children over fashion. Although it certainly is not a trend that can be worn every day, every once in a while, mommy and me matching clothes can be done in a stylish way that fits the occasion. Together, mommy and me gift ideas paint a picture that is impossible to forget. These memories last forever and are part of forming close relationships between parents and children.

Port 213 designs clothes that align to the Californian surf culture and the popularity of urban streetwear, and our styles are popular with kids and tweens because of our creative details and our fashion-forward approach to producing premium apparel. The versatility of our brand has endeared us to a legion of fans across the years, and now parents have the opportunity to participate in our latest offerings with graphic tees, sweatshirts, and hoodies that make for unique mother daughter gifts that are fun and spirited. 

Parents can trust our dedicated team of designers to create the latest fashion trends that speak to the individuality of boys and girls. Mothers can now take a look at the range of options we have and decide with their sons and daughters what they can wear together for a special occasion. Our Afterpay system is now set up to give parents more flexibility to purchase with us, pay in installments with zero interest, and enjoy our collection now. It is our singular approach to design that makes us a formidable leader in the clothing industry and now with our latest line, we have presented a chance for mommy and me outfits that will have everyone’s attention.

-Triston Brewer