Back to School Shopping Trends

It’s only a matter of time before the summer is over and the time has returned for back to school clothes shopping for the new year. Preparing your child for the new year means starting them out on their first day with the right classroom supplies and back to school clothes. With so many back to school clothing brands offering their latest collections, parents need to stay up to date on the latest apparel and the best places for back to school clothes shopping. The following are some of the stylish trends that are popular among boys and girls for the upcoming school year.   

Go Graphics, Go!

Every year, kids make back to school clothes lists compromised of their favorite things, and often times what they like at any given moment can be viewed on their apparel. Graphic tees are popular with boys and girls because it gives them the chance to show off their favorite pop culture icons through their clothes. Graphic tees for boys may feature video games or their favorite sports teams, while graphic tees for girls just as wide-ranging and offering them the chance to put let their personality shine through their wardrobe. There are a few stores to shop for back to school clothes that feature amazing graphic tee designs that children will love.



There are many back to school clothing brands offering a version of the always popular hoodie. Both boys and girls are fans of hoodies, especially since they can be layered with their favorite t-shirts and can be worn across seasons. Zip up hoodies for kids can run the gamut from traditional ones that come in bold colors, or they can really go all out with boys graphic hoodies or girls print graphic hoodies that are currently trending. No matter which type of hoodies that kids select, they are assured of a great look that makes a style statement.

Jogger Pants

Whether you are young kid, in middle school, or in your teens, what’s not to love about jogger pants? As one of the more popular fashion trends among children, jogger pants continue to be popular for a few reasons, but one of the biggest is comfort. Featuring an elastic waistband and cinched elastic at the ankles, kids jogger pants are a favorite of parents as well since they have a longer shelf life in kids’ wardrobes, and they can be paired with several styles, including tie dye shirts and hoodies. Jogger pants are versatile enough that they can be worn for more formal occasions or dressed down for a more casual look with a hat or cap for boys and sneakers. The best places for back to school clothes shopping will offer a line of jogger pants that come in enough colors to satisfy kids’ wide range of tastes.

Back to school shopping every year always has its trends, and to get more access to kids casual clothing inspiration, simply visit the website and search in our shop for apparel for boys and girls this upcoming school year.

-Triston Brewer